About us

The Insurance Journalists' Association in Germany, Verein der Versicherungsjournalisten (VdVJ), addresses all journalists and members of the media who write regularly about the German insurance industry. It has more than 40 members.

The Association, founded on April 1, 2001, has four main fields of activity:

(1) We discuss our experiences with insurers' press departments, PR agencies, experts and managers;
(2) We aim to assist our members by providing them with information they need as insurance journalists;
(3) We occasionally have to act on behalf of our members, for example through a successful protest against a company banning individual journalists from press conferences.
(4) We strive to improve the quality of our own work.

The Association's members meet regularly and hold discussions with industry experts on various topics of relevance. Furthermore, each year we award the Press Department of the Year to PR managers in the insurance industry who display an outstanding level of professionalism in their work.

To contact us, please send an e-mail to info@vdvj.de.